The good soul in Sales Support. Takes care of all the stuff at the back and looks after things in G25.

Miriam could be described as a pleasure person. She loves to be able to enjoy, whether it’s people or things. Having beautiful moments and a good time with others, but also for herself, fulfils her. She trusts in life and in what fate has in store for her. In what she does, the interpersonal is very important to her. It feels good and right for her when something comes back from her work and she makes a difference.

For the triad of work, family and leisure, her organisational skills are needed to get everything under one hat. Friends, an active family life and one’s own needs such as sport or a break provide the counterbalance to her work. Born under the star sign of Leo, Miriam likes to get attention, sometimes gets loud, but also has a very calm nature about her. This is also reflected in her preference for harmony and her dislike of quarrelling. Due to an occasionally large portion of self-reflection and self-criticism, Miriam sometimes seems a bit introverted.

Miriam sees herself as a cheerful person who sees the good in life and enjoys living. In the animal kingdom she would like to be a bird, because she likes to be free, but needs a safe nest.

+49 (151) 150 739 14  |  miriam@gentlemengroup.de