Olga’s heart beats for technology and the realisation of attractive solutions. Modelling workflows, scripts in Powershell or reporting at database level: Olga knows her stuff!

Olga (actually she prefers to be called Olya) was born under the sign of Aquarius. Convinced that some of the traits of this sign fit her, she sees herself as a charismatic and sincere woman who likes to laugh a lot. Olga loves to socialise, but also likes to be alone sometimes to recharge her batteries. In her direct, open manner she says what she thinks, which does not necessarily please everyone. Injustice and dishonesty is something Olga doesn’t like at all.

Fresh out of university, Olga is just discovering how exciting it is to put into practice everything she has learned in theory. She is enthusiastically deepening her programming knowledge and expanding her wealth of experience.

As a counterbalance to her professional activities, she keeps fit with street dance and strength training. As a bon vivant, she loves to cook and bake and enjoys being outdoors – especially in her convertible in great summer weather.

+49 (151) 150 739 96  |  olga@gentlemengroup.de