Born under the star sign of Pisces, the typical character traits of this star sign definitely coincide with Oliver’s nature, even if he himself does not believe in such things. Oliver is a very sensitive, social and very helpful person, which is not only expressed by his two-year activity as a missionary in England. Interesting and challenging topics and working with great people inspire him.

As a rather quiet, introspective person, Oliver prefers to spend his premium time with his closest family or best friends. Of course, his favourite pizza – his favourite dish – is not to be missed. With his passion for trading card games (including Pokémon for the kids), he creates the necessary distance from everyday work.

In the foreseeable future, he would like to realise a dream: to explore the world with his family in a folding camper. If he could slip into the skin of an animal, he would like to be a lynx, whose sense of family and extremely good hearing fascinate him.

+49 (151) 150 739 16  |  oliver@gentlemengroup.de