If dreams are contagious, then Marcel has hit the bull’s eye with Pascal. The idea of beautiful business has inspired him so much that it has virtually become his life’s motto. That’s why Pascal does everything he can to make this idea great and to work on it again and again.

In his work, he loves to create things and solutions and to construct new things with which he can help others. Pascal is extremely happy when customers, colleagues and friends can work well, gladly and happily with his work. His creative urge has also carried over into his free time, as he loves to tinker. Since he is fascinated by anything that can fly, it is no wonder that he has already built various model aeroplanes. However, he has not yet been able to realise his secret dream of flying a plane himself. Pascal finds his balance in everyday life with his dogs, his hobby photography and playing strategy and construction games.

Pascal is very much at peace with himself and sees himself as a balanced and friendly person with whom you can talk about anything. He is extremely helpful and never says no when someone really needs help. Sometimes, however, he gets lost in details, because he often has a precise plan of how things have to be.

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