The nucleus of the Service Minions. Always has an eye on everything, or at least tries to. He is the master of the accounts and communicates with our accounting department and the legal partners.

As a freedom-loving Aquarius, Patrick is not at all into routine. He loves new challenges and needs the greatest possible flexibility. On the one hand, this gives him the opportunity to rediscover himself again and again. On the other hand, he is enthusiastic about using the granted freedom creatively and developing new ideas.

Patrick has a great creative drive. It is extremely important for him to help others and to be there for them so that something can be improved and something can be developed further. This life dream flows into his great political commitment in a very real way. In several political offices and functions, he has the opportunity to initiate and shape something new. And he totally enjoys it. Despite the high time intensity that this work demands, his goal is to set a clear counterpoint to the often prevailing egoism and self-interest in politics and society. Because he is convinced that we as a society could achieve much more if we helped each other.

Helpfulness and support are therefore high on Patrick’s agenda. Black-and-white thinking and a lack of acceptance of opposing positions, on the other hand, are rather less so.

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