Although René is very close to home, he loves to travel far away. Diving is his great passion. Besides the diverse underwater world, he is impressed by the infinite tranquillity during his dives. Being connected with nature, far away from everything, only perceiving himself – a true pleasure.

The diversity of his job fascinates him anew every day. He is thrilled to work with friendly, committed and open-hearted people who do their thing. As he has high expectations of both himself and others, he values consistency, reliability and “great” quality in everything he does.

René needs space to be and is completely at peace with himself. Value-oriented thinking and acting and very special antennae for people characterise his personality. Order, structure and his being a number-checking freak are his quirks, with which René sometimes challenges his fellow men and colleagues in his very own way.

And what René particularly likes is good food and delicious non-alcoholic cocktails. You almost can’t tell by looking at him.

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