Rilind sees himself as a mostly good-humoured nerdy with a positive aura, except when he has liquorice in front of him. As a gamer with a good shot of nostalgia, he is not only passionate about gaming, but also collects old and new things from the gaming scene. His dream is to one day have a special showroom for this in his own house.

His enthusiasm for coding developed in a Java course at the end of his school years. This laid the foundation for his professional direction, which he pursues with great enthusiasm and joy. But his life is not only determined by coding and gaming. Rilind also likes to deal with people and work in a team. He finds everything to do with mindset exciting, both at work and as a gamer.

Besides his pronounced passion for eSports, he also fills his free time with normal sporting activities such as table tennis, volleyball or table football. In addition to his job and leisure time, his family is very important to him. For him, it is a goal in life that all family members can live carefree.

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