If you had to describe Robert in two terms, you wouldn’t really go wrong with “inquisitive” and “handy”. The freshly graduated Cologne native dreams of a trip around the world in his self-built van. He actually does everything himself on his dream vehicle, whether it’s installing the kitchen or repairing the engine. If he still has time, he likes to go to the gym, meet up with his friends or tackle a new learning project. Since he has a wide range of interests, it is important for him to learn many different things that do not necessarily have to have anything to do with his job.

In his job, he does well when he is needed. It is important for him to have the feeling that other people trust him and can rely on him. And there is no question that Robert likes to help. His love of security is underlined by the fact that he loves koala bears because they are so great to cuddle.

Openness and honesty are very important to Robert, but he doesn’t like being stalled or treated unfairly. He considers himself a coffee junkie, because he loves his Café Crema more than anything.

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