Project management with energy, commitment and passion. From requirements analysis to acceptance, I accompany the project.

His heart beats not only for his family, but also for vintage hi-fi. As a young-at-heart record aficionado, Rüdiger enjoys music in tried-and-tested sound. He owns a collection of different record players with a wide variety of drives, which he cherishes with great devotion.

It makes him happy when his work is appreciated. For him, everything has gone optimally when he sees that his performance leads to people implementing something and thus achieving more satisfaction. To counterbalance the complexity of everyday life and his job, Rüdiger enjoys cycling. Here he can let his thoughts fly, gain new inspiration and draw strength.

Injustices and unjustified measures, from whomever, really drive him up the wall. He is not afraid to fight for better behaviour and works to ensure that such things no longer happen. As a person with experience of life, he tries to stand by younger people as a kind of mentor and give them something to take with them for their lives.

Being able to be like a kea would be real fun for Rüdiger. He admires this New Zealand parrot that can do a lot with a certain intelligence and also really mess up without anyone really being angry with him.

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