With experience, knowledge and unshakeable calm, Sebastian masters every challenge. His goal: to always find a suitable solution.

As a quiet and rather reserved type, Sebastian may sometimes come across as a little arrogant, but he is absolutely not. As a good listener, he feels extremely comfortable in company and with good conversations. Sebastian is a family man who is closely connected to his hometown. And actually, he has already found his life’s dream, because the way he lives now is exactly what he wanted. He is content and happy. Away from work and family, sport is his passion. Currently, his heart beats for inline hockey, which he actively practices.

Professionally, he is both enthusiastic and proud to be part of a great team that you can always rely on. And where you always get support and help when you need it. What fascinates him about his job is the sheer endless possibilities of what you can do and achieve with it. Sebastian doesn’t like quarrels, whether professional or private, and feels uncomfortable with them. If such situations do arise, he tries to de-escalate the situation and concentrates on facts rather than emotions. He sometimes puts his fellow human beings to the test with his tic of always having to work through everything in the right order, step by step.

In the animal kingdom, he would like to be a cat that is completely free in what it does, as it always decides everything itself.

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