The word ‘problem’ is a foreign word to me, because I always find the right solution for all customisation requests.

Sebastian likes things harmonious and calm. This is also expressed in his passion for the Chinese self-defence Wing Chun, which is practised with level-headedness and without any use of force. In the animal world, he would like to be a wolf, which, despite all its independence, pays attention to its environment like no other animal.

For his life he strives for the point of complete contentment. House, family and dog symbolise this goal. Even if he does not believe in his star sign Capricorn, he embodies some of the qualities associated with it. As a rather down-to-earth person who is loyal to his place, he is active as a traditional marksman in a shooting club. In addition to shooting, he intensively lives out the typical traditions such as the shooting festival, participation in shooting parades and the wearing of the shooting uniform. Pen & paper role-playing games (he loves the characters Rogue and Monk) as well as his enthusiasm for the Middle Ages round off his diverse interests.

It is precisely this diversity with new challenges and problems that Sebastian also values so much in his work. Because he is convinced that there is a solution to every problem. You just have to see it.

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