Although he has a talent for beating around the bush, Steffen has a clear idea of his dream. He would like to travel around the world. He is attracted by new countries and cultures. He would also take several months to do so.

Until his dream comes true, he is pursuing his passion as a serial junkie. In his work, he is fascinated by the interaction with the people in the team. Creating a big whole to which everyone contributes their small part always excites him. Recognising new challenges and growing with the task is constant motivation for him.

In his free time, he enjoys listening to music and DJing. Exchanging ideas and talking shop with experts on electro music is also part of Steffen’s job. As a person with a sense of humour, he loves situation comedy and hates negative and unfriendly people. He sees himself as a direct guy who, however, always needs something to warm up to people.

In his former life he would have liked to be a hedgehog. Today he likes cats who just do their thing and are rewarded with food and cuddles.

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