Steffi can look back on an eventful life, through which the topic of IT runs like a red thread. After jumping across the pond several times, Steffi has landed back in her home region of Frankfurt. As a structured and goal-oriented person, she enjoys helping customers find the right IT solution. She is spurred on by the joy of having achieved a good result together.

Steffi is an open, cheerful and positive person and doesn’t like it at all if people aren’t honest with her and try to fool her. In her opinion, her zodiac sign Gemini suits her well, because she can have two faces. Friends and colleagues who have seen her hungry know what that looks like.

The best way for Steffi to recharge her batteries and relieve stress is to go for a walk in the countryside with her dog. As a sociable person, she loves good food with friends, enjoys doing lots of sport when she has the time and is working towards her goal of growing old together with her 4 best friends à la “Book Club”. Even though she loves her dog and her obsession with cleaning is put to the test by him, she would still like to be a bird in the animal kingdom. Just the idea of being able to enjoy mountains, seas and different countries from above makes her go into raptures.

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