Mainz remains Mainz – that is definitely true for Timon. From his parents’ house to his own flat, but he remains loyal to the area. Timon has a clear plan for his life: at the end of his time on this planet, the word “would have” should have no meaning, because he doesn’t want to have missed anything in his life.

With regard to his professional activities, Timon finds it great that there is always a new challenge that he wants to master in the best possible way. The feeling of having achieved it as a whole or as a stage goal is simply terrific.

Outside of work, Timon is a passionate computer gamer. His heart beats for MMO games where he can achieve something together with others. In real life, he loves vintage VW cars from the 80s and 90s, which he would also like to collect. Timon sees himself as an extroverted introvert. In general, he is rather reserved, but when it comes down to it, he is very open. His number tic (the volume must always be set to 7, 10, 13 of something for him) and the toilet roll hung up the right way are typical Timon. In the animal kingdom, he would like to be an owl, as he himself is quiet and nocturnal.

+49 (151) 150 739 28  |  timon@gentlemengroup.de

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