With his trademark hat, Wolfgang actually stands out everywhere and is thus always a good point of orientation for his friends when they are out and about together. As a native of the north, Wolfgang’s path has already led him across the country to his current place of residence in the Bay of Cologne. Thus, Wolfgang lives entirely according to the manner “Wherever I am and there are people I love, that’s where my home is”.

His biggest dream is to go to work because he wants to, not because he has to. Working with joy and doing something you like is his big goal. Thanks to his pronounced helper syndrome, he loves to help and solve a set problem. If he then receives a thank you or a smile as a reward for his work, he is completely fulfilled.

Away from his professional activities, Wolfgang is an avid reader of science fiction and fantasy. But he is also fascinated by computer games. He has a particular soft spot for the extremely intelligent ravens. Because of their high life expectancy and their ability to fly in freedom, he particularly appreciates these survival artists.

Wolfgang sees himself as a friendly, kind and helpful guy, who is sometimes a little bit crazy, gets quite talkative in company and is occasionally too loud. He can empathise well with other people. With his flexibility and insight, he usually understands his counterpart quite well and gets along well with most people. However, if something is unfair in his eyes, it makes him angry.

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