whoosh OktoSign

Whether documents, applications or changes – whoosh OktoSign provides a certified digital signature directly from the ticket system.

Home offices and decentralised locations make paper-based signatures difficult. With whoosh OktoSign this is no problem, because necessary signatures can be certified directly from your ticket system.

For this purpose, OktoSign provides a web page on which any information can be displayed. This content can be provided with the signature of a user. This ensures that the user has actually signed off on this information. This architecture was created in cooperation with a validation expert from the pharmaceutical industry. All necessary views are also provided for an auditor.

Certified and audit-proof signatures

What we value about whoosh OktoSign





Seamless integration into your target system

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We can use this technology for you to link certified, audit-proof signatures with essential changes as approvals. The system is sophisticated and the auditor can also track where and in what state these tickets requiring signatures are at any time. This way you can cost-effectively replace other software on the market and at the same time have it integrated in your service desk.

Signing can be done against any authentication provider, usually Active Directory.

„Oktopus technology creates a seamless integration with your target system in the ESM or IAM environment. The target system simply controls the OktoSign and displays the corresponding information.“