This New Work?
Many talk about it. We do it.

Decisions should be made where the problem is. And that is where responsibility belongs. Our committed people live by this principle and are guided by simple guard rails and processes. In short: Don’t let the customer down and get advice.

Small, self-sufficient units, teams – we call them cells – take care of their expertise and bring in cell members from other cells for certain topics. We call this permeability. It’s casual and helping releases dopamine.

So that not everyone talks to everyone else, separate roles bundle communication. Cell nuclei inwards and project leaders and Galaxy officers outwards.

For the GentlemenGroup-wide exchange, cell cores and founders meet regularly on the web and in real life at Camp Fire. There, common topics and strategies are discussed and more global decisions are made.

All for one - one for all

Cell money

All our cells have decided on a cell-wide bonus model in order to provide optimal support to each other for a common goal. And then you can also have weak phases and the cell carries you.

Anyone could come

Cell decision

Cells decide who they take in. Only they do. No one interferes with that either. Because in the end they have to work together.

Special topics

Coaches and mentors

For specific topics, the cell calls in topic coaches who have expertise, market know-how and/or a suitable network. They give full support. So do the mentors who help the cells to stay aligned with the needs of the company or to have a weighty influence on the strategy of the GentlemenGroup as ambassadors of the cells.

You want to know more about how it works and what’s behind it?

“Just switch off the authoritarian behaviour and treat the committed people like adults. Then they will behave like adults!

Christian, GentlemenGroup


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