Gentlemen‘s Golden Three

All good things come in threes. This also applies to the way we approach projects, because it is perhaps as extraordinary as our name.

An order at any price is out of the question for us – we are quite gentlemanly about it.

We want to understand

I. Listening

Of course, when we are called for help, we don’t go blindly. In a detailed discussion, we first analyze whether both sides – customer and GentlemenGroup – can work together well and successfully. Our values are also an important guideline and the basis for our mutual success. And of course we want to do our job well. That is why we check in advance whether we have the right qualifications and the necessary know-how for the problem. Or if we know someone who has it.

Determining the path together

II. Aligning

After a successful preliminary talk, it’s time to put the cards on the table. All those involved in the project get together for a conception workshop and jointly clarify what needs to be done and to what extent. The intensive exchange at this point supports the detailed problem identification on both sides. In this way, all measures can be derived in a targeted manner.

For us, this round is particularly important in order to get to know the expectations of the customer better. At the end there is a project plan that estimates the scope of the tasks, the individual Maps project phases and brings them into a timeline. Of course, the effort is also quantified at this point.

Let's do it

III. Take off

Fixed contact persons, fixed teams – from both sides. This is the only way projects work for us. And only in this way can we work together successfully and in a spirit of trust. We put our teams together in such a way that all team members support and encourage each other and are perfectly qualified for the respective work package. Our team members are true aretists and love perfection. However, it is not the individual person that counts, but the team as a whole, in order to ensure a high level of performance from start to finish.

Our approach is agile and iterative. For this, we record all work packages and allocated resources for the different project phases. Before the project gets underway, the resources are of course bindingly agreed on both sides.

we bring the flow

After-the-Project is Before-the-Project

“We are there for you” is not just a phrase for us, but an important part of the project. Our customers can also fully rely on us after a project.

If you are satisfied with us and you want to continue working with us, our Concierge Service Center take care of the operation of your solution. So you have first and second level support from a single source and in the background you have access to the committed people who have also implemented your solution.