USU Knowledge Management

A knowledge management system records, manages and uses internal company knowledge. Formerly the only source, it is now the basis for comprehensive knowledge management, including external functions and analyses.

USU Knowledge Management manages the collected knowledge and keeps it up-to-date. With its mappable functionality, additional functionalities such as e-learning, chatbots and its integrations with Salesforce or USU Service Management, among others, it is the S-class of knowledge management systems.

USU Knowledge Management (UKM for short) manages internal knowledge and keeps it up to date on responsibilities and processes. With the additional functionalities, the integration of AI is possible. Access to the knowledge available there or the use of AI algorithms to generate summaries across individual documents, the integration of other sources such as Microsoft Copilot, the provision of this knowledge via ChatBots or directly in Microsoft Teams – this makes USU Service Management a kind of “S-Class” of knowledge management systems.

If knowledge is offered that fits exactly, solutions can be found quickly and are available, which in turn reduces errors. Communication and cooperation within the company also improve. With customer interfaces such as search functions, FAQ functions or chatbots, customers can quickly and easily find the right solution for them.

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Digitalisation of processes throughout the company

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With its best practice approaches and process consulting, USU hits the bull’s eye in joint project implementation with us. Great employees with excellent expertise strive for solution-oriented integration and the continuous design of process chains. Exceptional training competence supports the transfer of knowledge to the customer with the aim of being able to take things into their own hands.

By the way: all Gentle(Hu)mans are certified USU consultants and will help you find the right solution for you.

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Collect knowledge, make it available and become better

Capture, manage and keep knowledge up to date

ChatBots reduce costs and relieve

Customised knowledge for satisfied employees

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Know-how transfer for our customers

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We train users, editors, managers and admins in the use of the knowledge management system. The aim is for the customer to manage the system autonomously. For on-premise systems, system administrator training can also be provided. A hosted cloud-based solution relieves the burden on your own IT.

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