anders AGENTUR

35 years of cumulative experience in three great women who are perfectly matched. Design, marketing, advertising, press. They burn for projects and ideas that convince them. They are guided by attentiveness, respect and great pleasure in what they do.

Thinking outside the box

What we value about anders AGENTUR

They are goal-oriented, even if they disagree that things might be better differently. They try out our strange wishes and often enough they are right. When things get critical because they take longer and we don’t have time, they quickly come up with creative solutions to the problems and don’t complain. Just as we would like a partnership to be. They don’t hide behind the facts and thus also provide other perspectives on the same thing.

„We like to transform ideas and wishes into small or big miracles. Our eyes and ears are always open for communicative, help-seeking, creative, quirky and humorous people.“

Susanne Brock, Managing Director anders AGENTUR GmbH

How you can benefit from our partnership

There is always a way

When it comes to building up internal communication for major changes or “branding” service management more than normal, we do not hesitate to recommend this agency to our clients.

If you like our website and our social media presence, just get in touch with anders AGENTUR. They do that. That’s not normal.

„Customers, suppliers, partners, end users … All of them are first and foremost people for us. That’s how we communicate, how we act and how we work on projects: The focus is always on the people behind and those in front.“

Dagmar Schuler, Managing Director anders AGENTUR GmbH